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A sad Ravens fan ate 6 purple crayons because his team lost that many games

There are many ways to cope when your team is losing. Ravens fan Ryan Blake chose to cope by eating six purple crayons, one for each loss. It all started because of one innocuous tweet before the Ravens faced the Cardinals on Monday:

And then the Ravens lost:

He wasn't going to eat the crayons by themselves, so he chose some condiments to mix with them, such as chocolate syrup and caramel. Surprisingly, the only crayon that tasted decently (to him, at least -- just take his word for it) was the one mixed with Old Bay seasoning.

The Baltimore Ravens website actually talked to him about eating crayons, and whether he will do it again in the future:

"I haven't thought much about future games yet," he said. "I'm willing to make this same bet if we lose to Bye Week. I hear they have a shaky secondary and we should be able to exploit them. I'm sure I'll at least do something for the next Steelers game."

To reiterate: please don't eat crayons as a coping mechanism for a losing season! Yes, they're non-toxic, but they were meant for art, not eating ... actually, this video could arguably be considered "art" in some circles.

(h/t For The Win)