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Daniel Tosh bet $25,000 on Patriots to help cover his friend's medical bills for brain cancer -- and won

Daniel Tosh is a comedian best known for his TV show Tosh.0, which he recently used to help raise $25,000 for his friend and fellow stand-up comic Andy Ritchie. But Tosh was not happy to settle with just raising $25,000 for his friend, so he decided to bet that money on the Patriots, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

"Once I double it, [Ritchie] can do whatever he wants with it; go on a lion-hunting safari or get treatment," said Tosh.

Tosh bet it all on the New England Patriots to cover the first-half three-point spread against his beloved Miami Dolphins during the Thursday night game.

When the game reached halftime, the Patriots were leading 19-0, making Tosh a great friend and not someone who had just gambled away a decent chunk of change. Tosh is a Dolphins fan, though, so he'll be pulling pretty hard for them to get their heads out of their butts in the second half.

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