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Rams punter dresses up as Stone Cold Steve Austin for Halloween

The vest! The belt! The beer! He's got everything!

For Halloween, St. Louis Rams punter Johnny Hekker dressed up as WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin, and it's almost uncanny:

The cool thing about Hekker's costume, aside from the fact that it's a Stone Cold costume, is that he offered free tickets to anyone who could guess his costume before he posted a photo of it:

And judging from the replies, it looks like this person won:

And now ... a (fake) promo from Stone Cold Johnny Hekker:

"If you like the Rams, gimme a hell yeah! [Crowd: "Hell yeah!"]

It looks like you won some free tickets to a Rams game, Aaron Alexander. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] You gonna pat yourself on the back? [Crowd: "WHAT?"] You gonna drink a beer in celebration? [Crowd: "WHAT?"] You gonna enjoy the game? [Crowd: "WHAT?"] I hope you enjoy that game, Aaron. [Crowd: "WHAT?"]

You better cheer for the Rams, Aaron. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] If I find out you ain't cheerin' for the Rams ... [Crowd: "WHAT?"] ... I'm gonna get angry. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] You don't want Stone Cold angry. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] Because I'm gonna stun ya ... [Crowd: "WHAT?"] ... again ... [Crowd: "WHAT?"] ... and again. [Crowd: "WHAT?"]

And then I'm gonna grab a beer ... [Crowd: "WHAT?"] Two beers. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] Three beers. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] And then I'm gonna drink it while you're on the ground. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] Maybe pour a little on ya. [Crowd: "WHAT?"] And then I'm gonna pick you up ... [Crowd: "WHAT?"] ... and stun ya again! [Crowd: "WHAT?"]

And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so!"

* * *

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