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LeBron James wants Tristan Thompson and the Cavaliers to 'Get it done!!!! Straight up'

For the most part, LeBron James has stayed out of the contract stalemate between Tristan Thompson and the Cavaliers. He's opted to essentially no comment his way through the negotiations, despite the fact James and Thompson have the same agent. That changed late Saturday night when James made his strongest statement yet.

A photo posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Get it done!!!! Straight up. #MissMyBrother @realtristan13

It's not entirely clear who James is addressing that post to. He could be putting his influence behind his teammate to try and nudge the Cavs into giving Thompson the deal he wants. But James has never been shy about calling out teammates on social media, including last year with Kevin Love.

Regardless of who the statement is directed at, it's definitely a strong statement. It's also a change from what James said earlier in the week when he said he was probably done talking about it.

"I've already addressed it," James said, via ESPN. "I probably won't address it again too much more. Like I said, I'm optimistic that both sides will get something done and he'll be here sooner than later."

LeBron James wants a deal to get done. His status with the Cavs and in the locker room give him plenty of influence over both sides. Soon, we might find out which side he was subtly calling out this time.