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Terry Francona gave NESN the finger on live television ... AGAIN

Terry Francona can't stop flipping off the NESN broadcast.

Terry Francona must have a sixth sense about the NESN broadcast (or a live feed of it) because whenever NESN talks about him during the game, Francona can't help but give them the finger. In August, Francona not so subtly told NESN how he felt as Don Orsillo referred to Francona as a child during the broadcast.

Well, the Red Sox and Indians are playing again and that means more opportunities for Francona to give the broadcast the finger. He took advantage.

Orsillo and Jerry Remy seemed to appreciate it.

Red Sox fans were unhappy with NESN replacing Orsillo in the broadcast booth. If that means no more Francona middle fingers, it's only even more reason to be furious.

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