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A comprehensive guide to the best of baseball's champagne showers

Baseball is very traditionalist and the seasons are very long. Combine the two and you get postseason clincher champagne/beer showers (!!!).

Photo: John Sleezer/Pool via USA TODAY Sports

The players, obviously, love it — a chance to let loose, you've made it to the postseason — but others aren't such huge fans of the pre-World Series win partying. The hate mostly peaked around 2013, which was shortly after the second Wild Card slots were added, and it was also the year that the Rays had two celebrations in one week.

Regardless of how many parties you have, it's still a party! And a little party never hurt anybody, especially after 500-plus hours of baseball. Let's enjoy the celebration times together. If you feel like you don't enjoy watching grown men spray each other with alcohol, don't worry, this will still be fun.

Step 1: Have fun.

Even though you're probably on your couch and have never experienced what it's like to play pro baseball, you too can enjoy this moment.

Photo: Jared Wickerham, Getty Images

Photo: Patrick Smith, Getty Images

It's all good! Take a deep breath, fans, your team has come so far. Now exhale and smile, maybe crack open a cold one. Just hope that your team remembers there are more games to play. I'm sure they keep that in mind, don't worry.

Step 2: Look out for legendary moments.

Sure, every clincher party looks sort of the same, but occasionally, amid the chaos, a champagne shower legend is doing something wacky. We are blessed with photographers who capture these perfect moments.

Photos: Al Bello, Getty Images

Photo: Kelley L Cox, USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

Photo: Kelley L Cox, USA TODAY Sports

Step 3: Appreciate the progress.

Along with the addition of the second Wild Card spot and the increase in champagne parties has come a better sense of how to successfully drench the locker room. Don't roll your eyes at those ski goggles supplied to the teams nowadays. They're a lot cooler than Jimmy Rollins' swimming goggles from 2009...

Photo: Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images

Photo: Jared Wickerham, Getty Images

Photo: John Sommers II, Getty Images

Protect those eyes! Remember: More games to go!

Step 4: Let out a cheer for the fellow fan.

If you're at the game where your team clinches, all the better. If you're not, you can still feel good whenever teams holler at the crowd. Champagne for everyone!!

Photos: Jon Durr, Getty Images

Photo: John Sommers II, Getty Images

Dance around, get wild, get pumped -- October baseball is here. Champagne showers, butt beers and cheers forever.

Photo: Patrick Smith, Getty Images