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Stephon Marbury's sneakers are back, and so is his relentless Michael Jordan trash talk

Stephon Marbury has announced that he'll be making another go around with his Starbury shoes. In 2006, he sold them at an intentionally low price of $15 per pair, but his company fizzled out in 2009. In the process of his hopeful comeback, he's taking swings at the king (not his first time doing so).

Marbury went after Michael Jordan on Twitter:

It's true Jordans are pricey -- much more than $15 -- but MJ has built an empire that creates very cool shoes. It also seems like a bad idea to diss Jordan, though this may be working in Marbury's favor. At least he's getting his name out there.

These are the new designs Marbury posted as a preview:

#starburyFlavors COMING SOON

A photo posted by Stephon X. Marbury (@starburymarbury) on

They're not quite the same as Js... not at all. Although, the motivations behind what Marbury is trying to do are fantastic.

H/T Sole Collector

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