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Bill Belichick talked for 8 straight minutes when asked about boring NFL rules

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Bill Belichick doesn't like to talk. Unless someone asks him about boring old rules, then he lights up like a kid on Christmas. One reporter made the mistake of asking Belichick about the illegal bat that ended Monday Night Football. Here was his response:

820 WORDS!

It took more than eight minutes of air time for Belichick to discuss his feelings on rules. This man LOVES rules. Demolitions experts spend years studying buildings so they know precisely how to tear them apart. Belichick's love of rules is kinda like that.

To put these 820 words in context please consider that the ENTIRE SECTION OF THE NFL RULEBOOK on "Illegal bats and kicks" is just 337 words. Impressive, Bill ... impressive.

Let's contrast this to how Belichick answers a question about non-rules football.

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