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Dinosaur dominates 'American Ninja Warrior' training course, Earth probably next

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See T-rex run. See T-rex climb.

A T-rex, or I guess if you want to nitpick, a human being in a giant T-rex suit, did some gym tricks at a training course that would probably seem horrible and exhausting if done by a human, but which seem truly excellent when done by an enormous extinct reptile.

The T-rex's course is a training program affiliated with American Ninja Warrior, which is good TV if you like watching grown men and women get pummeled by enormous foam obstacles and fall hollering into pools. Which is to say if you are human, something this T-rex is not. I imagine a T-rex, could he perceive the 3D image on a television screen, would not like watching American Ninja Warrior at all, as such things might damage the meat.

In any case, this appears to be a very nimble T-rex, so ... watch out, ninjas?

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