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Gilbert Arenas disputes Caron Butler's version of Wizards gun story on Instagram

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

By now, you've probably read Caron Buter's account of the dispute between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton. After reading it, you probably had two reactions:

  1. Whoa.
  2. I bet Gilbert Arenas is going to have a long, rambling response to this on Instagram.

On Thursday evening, Arenas differed with Butler's story in an Instagram post which he later deleted. Here's the caption to what he posted:

i respect@caronbutler book and got my copy but the #Gunsinthelocker story is FALSE in his book.....butler and i were sleep#javale #crit #boykins [JaVale McGee, Javaris Crittenton, Earl Boykins] were playing cards by time i woke up #crit was ballsdeep in losing so i decided to join the got #Booed which means he didnt get one book #spades so he had to match the pot which was 1100 but 800$ was his so he just lost 800$ and the pot now is at 1400$ and 1100$ of it is his....#javale won the first 1100$ pot so he scooped the money....#boykin asked javale "can i get my 200$ now since u have money"javale said after we land i dont wanna jinx myself....#crit spazz(give that nigga his money,u just won my money pay that nigga)so i jumped in, damn dog thats between them two niggas" he turned too me and said fuck u nigga"i said shit u owe me 200$ i think u owe #caron 300$ but we aint says shit...he pops off again"oh fuck nigga u would try to money talk somebody"so now its my earl said im out..javale said i dont need no cards......#crit needs 5 new cards so most likely he was about to match the pot ONCE again so i said im out knowing javale got A K Q so since its #crit money in the pot no need to fight if he will get boo,ed so i show my hand and #crit got mad i had 3 trump cards and didnt fight with he screams,MISDEAL gil showed his hand..javale said fuck that i win i have A K #crit trys to use misdeal as a way of starting the hand over so i said yall figure that i walked to the back...they stay aruging but #earl convince them that javale wins...#crit yells loud FUCKN i yelled back..come get the shit with yo hands if u wanna when the plane lands he walks back talking tough...saying if we were in the streets ill pop u in ur knees...i said shit ill give u the guns too do it on was #sat...we had sunday off.....i get to the gym at 8am i put 4 empty guns on his chair and a note that said pick 1 no one seen me touch a gun or seen me put them there...when crit came in...i was in the training room #crit#dsteve #blache #dom [Javaris Crittenton, DeShawn Stevenson, Andray Blatche, Dominic McGuire] were the only was in the locker room when i walked in...

To Arenas' credit, the account he shares here doesn't appear to be all that much different from what he told USA Today back in 2012, and it's really not all that different from Caron's account, other than adding more specific details about the card game that led to the original scuffle on the Wizards' team plane.

The point of contention appears to be Butler saying Arenas was the one who owed Crittenton money, while Arenas appears to be saying he was just trying to act as an intermediate in a debate between Crittenton, McGee and Boykins over who owed who money.

Based on the two accounts we have of the incident, from Butler and Arenas, you can understand why details would vary. Clearly, there was plenty of panic and mayhem both on the plane and in the locker room during the events and it can be hard to really get a hold of what happened. We'll probably never get a full idea of what happened, but if nothing else, it's good to see people who were involved opening up about what happened, if for no other reason than to make sure something like this never happens again.

UPDATE: So there was a Part 2 to Arenas' Instagram story that we missed initially, but thankfully was caught by someone else on Twitter, which clarifies some of what Gilbert was trying to say in his first post: