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The Rams think blasting the 'Macarena' in practice will help them beat the Packers

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Often, teams preparing to play in loud stadiums -- say, for instance, Lambeau Field -- will pipe in crowd noise during practice to prepare players for calling a game in noisy conditions.

The St. Louis Rams, who will face the Packers on Sunday in Green Bay, are taking a different tact: in lieu of crowd noise, they're blasting the "Macarena".

ESPN reports:

"We're just kind of substituting crowd noise for a little bit of music and get them to focus a little bit," [head coach Jeff] Fisher said. "So it's been good, and rather than turn it off when the defense goes on the field, we just left it on. The defense can communicate through it too. So it worked for us last week.

"When the guys were walking out and the 'Macarena' was playing, none of them had heard it before. They weren't born."

Did you hear that? They weren't born. The Rams' players had not heard the "Macarena" before. I am old. You are old. We are old, and will be dead soon, and the Rams, newly minted "Macarena" fans all, will inherit the Earth.

(via Yahoo! Sports)