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Stephen Curry wore a zebra mask to not get noticed at a mall, it didn't work

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Now Stephen Curry's a zebra. Is there anything this man cannot do

With a NBA MVP award and championship ring recently added to his trophy case and a growing list of endorsements and commercials, Stephen Curry is quickly becoming one of the most-recognizable players in the NBA. But, he still wants to do everyday things. So how does he do it? By wearing a zebra mask to the mall, apparently.

Wearing a zebra mask doesn't seem like the best tactic to try to go unnoticed, but that would still probably draw less attention in a Bay Area mall than Stephen Curry. And in case you aren't fully convinced that isn't an actual zebra walking around a mall with Riley Curry, here is your proof.

Way to blow your cover, Steph. Curry won't be winning any undercover spy MVPs anytime soon.

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