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An injured Ricardo Lockette gave out 100 cheeseburgers to the homeless in Dallas

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette is still recovering from an injury he sustained during Week 8's game against the Dallas Cowboys. And while he'll be out for the year, he still made time to help out those less fortunate than him.

(Photo via TMZ)

According to TMZ, Lockette had surgery at a Dallas hospital to treat his neck injury, and when he and his parents left, they saw a group of homeless people. Lockette made a trip to a McDonald's and gave them 100 cheeseburgers.

Some people noticed Lockette was wearing a neck brace, and were asking him questions about it, but it was apparent that helping them out was what mattered most to him:

"He had a neck brace on while he was passing out the burgers," Earl Lockette tells us ... "So some people were like, 'What happened to you?' But Ricardo didn't try and bring attention to who he was."

"Some people knew who he was. But this was more about Ricardo seeing people who were in worse shape than him, and wanting to help them however he could."

Much like Niles Paul did over the summer, this was really kind of Lockette.

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