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Jason Pierre-Paul's strategy for beating Tom Brady is hoping he gets sick

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Pierre-Paul has another use for his new glove: handling the hot quotes he's been dropping lately.

At Wednesday's press conference, the New York Giants defensive end showed high confidence in preparation for the game against the New England Patriots, who are having a perfect season so far (via New York Daily News):

With Tom Brady and the unbeaten Patriots heading to MetLife Stadium Sunday, the Giants defensive end said New England still has a long way to go to a perfect season.

"He's a good quarterback," said JPP. "Everybody knows about Tom Brady. But they've gotta come through here first."

Adding to that confidence, he notes that the New Orleans Saints only beat the Giants in Week 8 because Pierre-Paul wasn't there:

As for actually beating Tom Brady, one of Pierre-Paul's strategies is apparently ... wishing sickness upon him:

And regarding the elephant in the room, losing a finger in a fireworks accident is terrible and painful, but according to Pierre-Paul, it does not compare to recovering from back surgery:

Keep dropping these fire quotes, JPP. We'll need them for winter.

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