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Jimmy Butler's boombox-shaped aquarium holds 50 fish and plays music

Jimmy Butler is the latest in a legion of athletes who have ridiculous aquariums in their homes, joining Marshawn Lynch and John WallAccording to the Chicago Tribune, the folks from Animal Planet's Tanked built Butler a boombox-shaped aquarium for his Chicago home. This thing is massive, it contains a nod to the Chicago Bulls' 50th anniversary this year, and, fittingly, it plays music:

The 9-feet-tall, 10-feet-long aquarium holds more than 600 gallons and 50 fish — for the Bulls' upcoming 50th anniversary — including the Jordan's tuskfish to honor Bulls star Michael Jordan.

The aquarium has a custom bubbler to make it look like it's a boombox equalizer, but the feature Butler seemed to enjoy the most is the wireless speaker system on top so music can filter through the tank.

Of course, Butler is thrilled to have this aquarium, saying that he wishes he "could put it on my shoulder and walk around with it," and that his fish are "gonna be bumpin' here."

Now that I think about it, having a boombox-shaped aquarium isn't that ridiculous. It's a much more rational decision than removing the rear-view mirror in your car.

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