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Jeff Dunham's puppet makes Desmond Howard laugh uncontrollably, bonds with Lee Corso

Jeff Dunham made a guest appearance on College GameDay this weekend to support his Baylor Bears. But he didn't come alone -- he brought his beloved Walter puppet to make some picks. And, oh man, Desmond Howard could not stop laughing at his jokes.

During the final pick, Walter/Dunham (unsurprisingly) picked Baylor over Oklahoma, and Lee Corso did as well, by wearing a bear head and putting his arm around Walter:

If you think about it, Walter the puppet kind of looks like Lee Corso, and yes, it's partly because they're old men. But it's also like they're long-lost twins. If ABC wants to make a sitcom -- or remake Perfect Strangers -- starring Lee Corso and Walter the puppet, I'll definitely watch it.

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