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An Indiana professor told Tom Crean's daughter he was fired as a joke and the whole class cheered

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports has a great feature on Indiana University basketball coach Tom Crean, who's had to suffer cruelty from some vocal Hoosiers fans. (He's also been the subject of loving mockery here at SB Nation for his facial expressions.)

In that feature, there's a short quip from Crean's wife Joani about how their daughter Megan -- who attends the same school her father coaches for -- had to endure a really humiliating April Fool's joke, courtesy of her professor:

One of her professors, on April 1, announced to the class that Tom Crean got fired," Joani said. "He said 'Tom Crean was fired this morning.' And Megan was sitting in the class. And people cheered. And then the professor said … 'April Fools!'"

Oof. It's one thing to mock your school's coach by jokingly saying he got fired, but it's another to do it in front of his kid.

For his part, Crean avoids the hate from fans by not reading social media:

"The smartest thing I did was get off social media. No more tweeting," Crean said. "If I can get to it, I'm going to look at it. And anybody who says they're not reading [their mentions] is lying. So I'm still reading a lot. But I'm not reading social media."

That's a smart move, Crean. You can read more about how his life became full of negativity at CBS Sports.

(h/t Eric Kay)

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