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Stephen Curry thinks NBA fans love him because he looks like them

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When people talk about Stephen Curry, they compare him to a lot of things that we don't associate with normal humans. We compare him to wizards and magicians when he weaves his way through a defense for a layup, we call him an alien when he shoots 30-footers like they're finger rolls, and when he zips a pass through traffic, we wonder if he actually has eyes in the back of his head.

Stephen Curry is clearly no ordinary human. But at the same time, he looks a lot more like your average person than most NBA players, and that's exactly why Stephen Curry thinks fans gravitate to him, as he explained to Daniel Riley in a feature for GQ:

"I’m them," he says. "I can’t jump the highest. I’m obviously not the biggest, not the strongest. And so they see me out there and I look like a normal person. Look at those guys over there, man," he says, gesturing to two beefy white dudes in high-tops and tanks, chucking up threes at the opposite end of this bough-shaded court in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. They’ve been baiting Steph all afternoon, looking for a game of H-O-R-S-E. Steph waves them off, but his dad, Dell, can’t help himself—and so is down there failing to miss. "Those guys," he says, "have probably taken a hundred shots. They can sit out there all day shooting. You can’t teach them how to tomahawk dunk, but you could probably teach them how to shoot. And for fans, there’ll just always be a personal attachment to the shooting part of the game."

Of course, it should be noted if Stephen Curry is indeed from another planet, it would be a brilliant strategy to come to earth, look and act like a normal human, and then dazzle people with otherworldly entertainment skills before revealing his true identity and harvesting the planet for its precious resources. Just sayin'.

But in the off chance Curry really is a human being, you should really check out Daniel Riley's piece on Curry's very human journey from unheralded high schooler to NBA MVP.

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