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Kobe says he's the 200th best player in the NBA at present because 'I freaking suck'

Kobe Bryant has not been good so far. The Lakers' guard has shot 16-for-51 from the field, 6-for-29 from three and it's not even like he can get his teammates involved because his 1.7 assists-per-game average stands as his lowest since his rookie season in 1997-98. Ever the harsh critic, Kobe knows how bad he's been and is ranking himself 200th in the NBA.

What does 200th in the NBA actually mean? ESPN ranked every NBA player before the season and we learned that Toronto Raptors point guard Cory Joseph is the 200th best player in the league. Joseph is currently averaging 4.7 points-per-game, but the Raptors are 3-0 right now -- so it's totally working.

It's time for Kobe to put his nose down and get grinding. Sure he might not claw his way back into the Top 20, but 185 is totally attainable. Here's the Black Mamba's hit list of players he needs to knock off in order to reach 185:

199. Jodie Meeks

198. Matthew Dellavedova

197. Jeremy Lin

196. Anthony Morrow

195. Trey Burke

194. Noah Vonleh

193. Kyle Singler

192. Kristaps Porzingis

191. Marcus Morris

190. Kevin Garnett

189. Brandon Bass

188. Frank Kaminsky III

187. Shabazz Muhammad

186. Jarrett Jack

185. Rodney Hood

Get to work, Kobe.