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Bryce Harper can't pronounce 'memes,' is about to become one

Bryce Harper had a pretty good day Thursday. He was unanimously voted NL MVP, becoming the fourth-youngest MVP in MLB history. Then the clock struck midnight and he appeared on SVP's SportsCenter.

Bryce. Bryce. BRYCE. You are 23 years old. I understand your entire life has been baseball since you were like 11, but still. Clearly you are at least aware of the idea of memes, so there is no real excuse for thinking it would be pronounced that way. Honestly, I think he should give the trophy back.

For reference, here's the question that prompted this LUDICROUS NONSENSE. Bryce's answer doesn't even make sense.

Bryce, if we want to make a meme of you with a bald head, we're going to do it regardless of how you answer a question. We're going to do it because we're the internet and that's what we do.

Sorry, Mr. MVP, but your attempted to avoid becoming a mehmay has resulted in you becoming a meme. Good night and good luck.