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Andre Iguodala's reactions during the Warriors' comeback win were MVP-worthy

The Warriors made a massive, 23 point comeback to beat their rivals, the Clippers on their home floor Thursday night. As a prideful team, the Warriors surely relished this win, but no one relished it more than Andre Iguodala, who came through with several big plays in the final minutes.

After burying a big three, he pulled out the MJ shrug (via WarriorsWorld):

But he really turned it up after he found Draymond Green under the rim on an inbounds play to help the Warriors put the game away (via James Herbert of CBS Sports):

That's just some savvy, veteran trolling from Andre Iguodala, a guy who's been around the NBA block a few times. It's still too early to know where this year's Warriors squad will rank among other great NBA teams, but as long as they've got Andre Iguodala around to rub it in, they'll be in a good place.

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