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Randy Johnson raises Seahawks' 12 flag, spends game as a sideline photographer

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Prior to every home game, the Seattle Seahawks have someone raise their 12 flag. Typically it's an athlete or celebrity with strong ties to Seattle. On Sunday former Mariners pitcher Randy Johnson had the honor.

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So what do the special guests do the rest of the game? Some might hang out on the sideline or watch the game from a suite. Johnson spent the game on the sidelines alright, but as a photographer.

Johnson majored in photojournalism in college and has traveled the world taking photographs. From his website:

As much as I enjoyed the thrill of pitching a perfect game and winning a World Series, I get similar satisfaction from using my photography skills to try and capture that defining moment in time.

Already being at the game to raise the flag, Johnson wasn't going to let a great opportunity pass. The only downside is for any photographer who had to try and shoot standing behind the 6'10 Johnson.