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Byron Scott says Kobe Bryant has earned the right to take terrible shots

The wacky saga between the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and Byron Scott continues with no apparent end in sight. Just last week Scott had no real reason for not letting the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, D'Angelo Russell, get crunch time minutes, especially in a game where Russell had played pretty well. The coach recently also gave Kobe the day off from practice because he claimed Kobe was really angry, which is a new reason I had never heard of to miss practice!

Meanwhile, the Lakers are off to a terrible start to their season and the strange comments from inside the organization just keep getting stranger. Like on Monday, when Scott said that Kobe has basically earned the right to take all the bad shots he is taking.

The Lakers do have a very young group of players, but the young group has loads of potential. Hopefully Scott and the Lakers can figure out how to grow their young team before it's too late.