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Gabe Kapler tweeted a heartfelt note congratulating new Dodgers manager Dave Roberts

With Don Mattingly and the Dodgers parting ways, the team had a lengthy search for the 10th manager in franchise history. Among them were former San Diego Padres manager Dave Roberts and Dodgers Director of Player Development Gabe Kapler.

On Monday, the Dodgers announced their decision. Dave Roberts is the latest Dodgers manager and while Kapler could have been upset by the team's decision not to hire him for the position, he kept it classy and congratulated Roberts in a tweet.

To be fair, this tweet is also a hand-written note, possibly making this the firsts analog TwitLonger in the history of baseball and social media. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful way to respect the Roberts, the manager and the person.

Dave Roberts and i played together twice. Once in 1998 for the Jacksonville Suns, once in 2004 with the Red Sox. The man is an exceptional teammate and a tremendous human. He is prepared and diligent. His work ethic is strong. Dave is going to do a phenomenal job, and Dodger fans have a man they can be proud of at the helm.