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A's pitcher gets into Thanksgiving spirit by inviting 17 Syrian refugee families to dinner

"We thought we'd officially welcome them with one of our greatest American traditions, Thanksgiving." Those are the...

Posted by Brodie Brazil on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We already knew A's reliever Sean Doolittle goes above and beyond the call of duty for simple things, like emergency burritos, but his Thanksgiving Day act showed how selfless and caring he and his family can be.

For Thanksgiving dinner, he and his girlfriend Eireann Dolan hosted 17 Syrian refugee families living in Chicago.

And they went all out, complete with a grand thanksgiving dinner and the hosts to match. Among the others in attendance were Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago's city council dean.

As of today, the state of Illinois is temporarily suspending accepting new refugees. Illinois is one of a few states that is not accepting new refugees. But Doolittle and Dolan's decision to host Thanksgiving dinner for those that are new to the country is an exemplary gesture that others should mimic, especially during the holidays.