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Arizona Cardinals backup Drew Stanton has the grooviest wardrobe after losing a bet

There is a heated, but very friendly, quarterback competition happening with the Arizona Cardinals. No, Carson Palmer's starting position isn't in jeopardy. But what is in jeopardy is the respective fashion senses of each backup quarterback.

According to Kent Somers of AZ Central, both Matt Barkley and Drew Stanton have weekly accuracy competitions.

That would explain why Matt Barkley was practicing in makeshift chaps made out of towels. But this week, Barkley won the competition, based on Stanton's wardrobe.

Check out Stanton's digs. The pants alone look like a psychedelic trip into the NFL life.The best part is that Stanton's wardrobe doesn't phase him at all. This is just any other day as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

And when you really think about it, Drew Stanton really won this weekly accuracy competition. Not only is he the coolest and craziest dancing backup quarterback, but he's also the grooviest Arizona Cardinal since at least the 1970s.