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What is this mystery snack Spencer Dinwiddie is eating on the Pistons bench?

Pistons guard Spencer Dinwiddie took some time during Detroit's game on Tuesday to enjoy a little snack on the bench.

Dinwiddie used a Gatorade cup to hide the snack in between bites, which is just smart. There is no debate that he is eating something, but the question is what?

SB Nation's NBA editor Mike Prada hypothesized it could be a Snickers bar. NBA contributor Liam Boylan-Pett thought it looked a little too wide to be a Snickers and instead guessed it might be a Whatchamacallit. Both are very solid guesses, but only two of many.

The guesses are all over the place. Tas Melas of The Starters posed the same question and the only consensus was there was no consensus.

So far we have guesses of a Snickers, a Three Musketeers, a Klondike Bar, an ice cream bar, a protein bar, a Milky Way and even a Whatchamacallit.

I would guess it's some sort of protein or energy bar, but it's hard to say. Help us settle this, what is Spencer Dinwiddie eating?

UPDATE: Dinwiddie weighed in ... sort of. Is he implying that is a Snickers by tweeting their slogan? We may never know.