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Pakistan managed to do the single dumbest thing in cricket ... twice ... in one week

Let's chat about cricket. You know, that game that's a lot like baseball except it takes four days and has goofy position names like "silly mid-off" and "deep fine leg." If you know nothing about cricket then know this: To score a run you need to hit the ball and change places with another batsman across from you. It should look like this:


You have to change places with your teammate and pass the white line near the wickets to be safe. There can only be one batter at each crease for a run to count, and they must swap sides to score. If the wickets (the three vertical sticks) are struck while you're running then you've been "run out." There's strategy involved to decide how many times you can run safely after hitting the ball -- like deciding between a single and a double in baseball. Now let's apply we just learned and try to spot what Pakistan did wrong this week.

Let's be clear here: This never happens. Players might get stuck in no-man's land after running too many times, or hear incorrectly and run when they're not supposed to -- but being stuck at the same crease at the same time is some next level bad play. It's a phenomenon so strange that you could watch cricket for 30 years (like me) and only see it once.

Then Pakistan did it again. Four days later.

Please, Pakistan. We have but one request: Do it again. There are some things that are more important than a game and giving the world the ability to see lightning strike thrice is better in the long run. That pun wasn't intended.