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Elon was down 8 with 16 seconds left and then things got weird

When Kennesaw State's Kendrick Ray made a free throw with 19 seconds left, it gave the Owls an 89-81 lead and seemingly clinched their second victory of the season. Even after a quick Elon layup, the game still appeared out of reach. Leading by six with 12 seconds to play and a player at the line for two free throws, it was going to take a colossal collapse for Kennesaw State not to win.

That's exactly what happened.

You can't blow an 8-point lead in 16 seconds with just one or two mistakes. It takes several errors and a little luck on the other side. The first major KSU miscue came when Nigel Pruitt missed both free throws with 12 seconds left. Obviously not ideal, but the Owls were still OK.

Then Dainan Swoope made a three for Elon to make it a 89-86 lead with five seconds left.

Even still, Kennesaw State was alright. Leading by three, the Owls just needed to inbound the ball, get fouled and make a free throw. They could miss both free throws again and still probably win barring a full court heave. All they had to do was not turn the ball over.

They turned the ball over.

Kennesaw State could have still been fine. There was a scramble for the ball with the clock ticking down. Elon wasn't going to get a good look at a game-tying three. It was going to take an unbelievable shot for Kennesaw State not to survive.

Except the Owls fouled Luke Eddy's three-point attempt with 1.3 seconds left.

Alright ... uhh ... there was still hope. If Eddy missed one of the three free throws, the Owls could win. He is only a 72 percent free throw shooter and those are high pressure free throws. He could have easily missed a free throw to end the game.

He didn't.

Just like that it was an 89-89 game. There was still 1.3 seconds left, Kennesaw State could have won with a final shot. Only they turned it over and it was actually Elon -- the team that trailed by eight points just 16 seconds ago -- that had a final shot at the win in regulation. They missed, shockingly. Even the Elon Twitter account had no idea what to make of the final 16 seconds.

Kennesaw State wasn't done yet. They just needed to regroup for overtime and come out strong in the final five minutes. It should have never gotten to this point, but they could still win, just by taking the scenic route. It would all be forgotten with a strong overtime.

Elon outscored the Owls, 14-4, in overtime to win by 10.

Somehow, someway this actually happened.

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