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Ravens beat Browns on 'kick six' in most absurd 'Monday Night Football' ending imaginable

The ending of Browns-Ravens was about as ridiculous as anything you have ever seen.

With the score tied, 27-27, the Browns were kicking for the win. They wouldn't get it because the Ravens blocked the kick and Will Hill returned it ALL THE WAY FOR A TOUCHDOWN. WHAT.

So from kicking for a 30-27 win to losing 33-27, the Browns had one of the Brownsier endings we've ever seen.

The best part is they shouldn't have even been in that situation. The Ravens took over the ball with a minute to go after the Browns scored to tie the game and both teams exchanged punts, but backup quarterback Matt Schaub threw an interception almost instantly.

Austin Davis was in at quarterback for the Browns, and, apparently, does not know all the rules of football.

That's Davis giving himself up AND SLIDING IN BOUNDS with 12 seconds left on the clock. He could have easily picked up three or four more yards and not forced the team to waste a timeout, but nah. Sliding is fun so who can blame him? Cleveland tried to run the ball on its next play and lost yards, leaving its ROOKIE KICKER to try a 50-yard attempt for the game. Sure, he was 18 of 18 in his career before then, but he surely would have loved a few extra yards.

Okay, so now that you know what the build up to the kick was like, please revisit the top of this page and watch the kick six again. And again. And maybe one more time. Have fun with it. Go Browns.

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