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Evan Fournier's nickname is 'Never Google' and SERIOUSLY DO NOT DO THAT

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Evan Fournier is a young French shooting guard who just got a large contract extension from the Orlando Magic. He's pretty good!

Fournier gangrene is a rare necrotizing infection of the genital region found most often in older men. It's pretty bad! Basically, your whole penis area turns horrible colors and falls off, then you die. Herod the Great had Fournier's gangrene, but I'm certain it was not one of the things that made him so great. I am not including any sort of links here because I nearly puked researching this post, and I swear I have a strong stomach for these things.

Fournier -- the athlete, not the infection -- must have Googled his surname at some point and found some horrifying images, so he issued a warning in 2014:

And now, a while later, "Never Google" is becoming a nickname for Fournier, thanks mostly to NBA Blog Lord Matt Moore:

1. I think this is a fantastic nickname, even if (or perhaps because) it runs the risk of self-defeating. Like, I *immediately* did a Google image search.

2. Seriously, don't do it. If you are like me or my coworkers, you're probably like "Oh come on, it can't be that bad, I'll totally be able to behave normally and think about regular things and eat meals and just live my life as usual in the hours and days after I see those photos."

You're wrong. You won't. This is a life-changer. Never Google Fournier.

UPDATE: Evan Fournier is fan of the Never Google nickname.

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