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LeBron James hates sleeved NBA jerseys just as much as you do

LeBron James isn't going to hide how he feels about sleeved jerseys. He hid his disdain for almost a full half, but then let loose, tearing his sleeves and making himself more comfortable.

LeBron is now playing with ripped sleeves and they're just flopping all over the place. During a commercial break he grabbed some scissors and made a quick adjustment. Thank you for doing what we have been thinking for the last year. These are one of the most unnecessary changes to perfectly fine NBA uniforms and they suck.


LeBron's sleeve rip helped his game!

Pre-rip: 4-11 from the field, 0-4 from three, 0-2 on free throws, 8 points, 0 assists

Post-rip: 5-12 from the field, 1-1 from three, 4-5 on free throws, 15 points, 3 assists


LeBron says he wasn't upset by the jersey at all and that he totally likes the jersey, which is either utterly true or he knows how to play the game.