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The Eagles are scaring people with a surprise, smoke-filled eagle subway tunnel

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Happy Friday morning, Philly!

On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles surprised everyone in downtown Philadelphia by transforming the subway exit at the City Hall station into a tunnel simulation:

It's supposed to make everyone feel like they're actual Eagles players going through a stadium tunnel. But the team probably should've given Philly a little more advance warning, because apparently it's scaring people:

And really, who could blame them? It's a Friday morning, you're going to work and suddenly the Eagles are blasting smoke in your face when you leave the subway:

Not everyone got scared, though. Some came prepared, like this gentleman here:

Even though it was a surprise, people ultimately came around to enjoying the giant eagle tunnel:

And if you didn't know about the Eagles or American football in general, you could just interpret this as some art piece where a mother eagle is feeding her baby hundreds of humans, and the baby is City Hall.

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