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Montana wins in OT thanks to a wild lateral fling on a defensive TD after botched FG snap

Wait, what.

Tied 27-27 in overtime, Idaho State lined up for a game-winning 34-yard field goal attempt. It turned out to be a game-winning play alright, but not for Idaho State.

There is a lot going on there. It all started with a really bad snap that sailed over the holder's head. At that point, Idaho State winning was out of the question. The Bengals were just trying to win the mad dash to the ball to force a second overtime.

Idaho State holder Tanner Gueller won the race to the ball, but was unable to control it. Idaho State kicker Zak Johnson nearly had it but eventually Montana's JR Nelson grabbed it and flipped it up in the air. There is a legitimate question of whether Nelson was down when he gained possession, but he wasn't ruled down. Eric Johnson grabbed the lateral/flip and was off to the races for the game-winning touchdown.

Officially, it goes down as a 40-yard fumble recovery touchdown by Johnson, which is the least-eventful way possible to describe that play.

Here is the reverse angle just for fun: