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Giants fan arrested for trying to set an 80-foot, fire-retardant Buccaneers flag on fire

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Burning things down after sporting victories is an objectively bad and much beloved, time-honored tradition. A new entry in the burning-it-all-down Hall of Fame: noted New York Giants fan Daniel Raboni.

Following Sunday's ugly victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which culminated in a fumble at the six-yard line to give New York the win, the North Palm Beach resident, who in his 32 years on Planet Earth has had to endure an entire five seasons in which the Buccaneers had a better record than the Giants, thought he'd seal the deal.

Raboni traveled to the Buccaneers' headquarters, a mile from Raymond James Stadium, where he attempted to set the team's 80-by-50-foot, $26,000 flag on fire.

Unfortunately for Raboni, the fire-retardant flag did not catch flame. "Only a small part of the flag melted," the Tampa Bay Tribune notes. He was arrested and faces charges of criminal mischief and possession of marijuana.

(via The Tampa Tribune)