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Julius Hodge waited 10 years for Chris Paul's karmic groin payback

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This is fairly innocuous (and old) news, right? Chris Paul wasn't able to play for the Clippers in early November after sustaining a groin injury. It was early in the season -- the world keeps spinning. Except for one man. A lone figure waiting for this moment. Biding his time to relish in another man's groin problems -- Julius Hodge's time had arrived.

Hodge doesn't forget. Or, perhaps more aptly -- his nuts don't forget. It's been 10 years since Paul infamously punched Hodge in the nuts while the two were playing at Wake Forest and NC State, respectively. Now his time for jubilation has arrived. Even if it took him a long time to realize.

Wait ... does this mean Hodge has a regular search of "Chris Paul groin" that he checks on a semi-regular basis?

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