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Tom Coughlin's so excited about the terrible NFC East that he's doing jumping jacks in a press conference

You might have heard that the NFC East is not in a good way. It isn't! It is just about the losingest division there's ever been, and right now hosts a three-way tie for first place between the 5–7 New York Giants, 5–7 Philadelphia Eagles, and 5–7 Washington. More than a few folks are hoping the season ends with a four-way tie for first/last place.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin was asked about the 4–8 Dallas Cowboys' Monday victory over Washington, a game that was, for the most part, football only in the sense that footballs were thrown, and jettisoned New York into that grim tie for first.

Coughlin did jumping jacks.

First place, baby! Gooooo Giants/Eagles/Washington! You do you, NFC East.

(via Bob Glauber)

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