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Utah punter credits inner fat man after winning Ray Guy Award

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah's Tom Hackett won the Ray Guy award, given to the nation's best punter, for the second straight year on Thursday. After winning the award, ESPN's Chris Fowler interview the Australian native about Aussie Rules Football influenced his development, and he offered an response that a lot of people can relate to:

Fowler: Guys who played Aussie rules football, or footie as you call it, don't just stand and kick. You have to run around and be an athlete.

Hackett: Alright, so the main reason I'm playing this sport is because deep down I'm fat and I don't like running very far. So I'm running 20-odd yards on and 20-odd yards off, and that's about all I got for you.

Credit the man for being honest and living the dream of being a successful athlete who doesn't have to run to win awards.

You can watch the video here.