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Ripped Joel Embiid jokes about weight issues with #ShirleyTemples hashtag

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Coming along nicely #TrustTheProcess #shirleytemple

A photo posted by Joel Hans Embiid (@joelembiid) on

Have you seen Joel Embiid lately? Chances are you haven't seen him on the court since the Philadelphia 76ers announced that he would miss the 2015-16 season because of foot surgery. But during his recovery, Embiid got swoll!

He looks like he's busting out of his tanktop with those broad shoulders. And he's looking as stoic as ever in this instagram post that's more than just flexing. He's calling out his haters too with the accompanying description:

Coming along nicely #TrustTheProcess #shirleytemple

#TrustTheProcess is an obvious ode to his 76ers, but #ShirleyTemple is directly referencing rumors of a weight gain since he apparently drinks Shirley Temples by the pitcher. If Embiid is still doing that, then he's working even harder to keep up his current physique so he can keep drinking all the Shirley Temples he wants.

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