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Greg Olsen looks like a wet blanket in a crowd of dabbing Carolina Panthers

At this point, if you don't know that Panthers quarterback Cam Newton loves to smile and dab, you're probably living under a rock. His teammates appreciate his dabbing, too. On Sunday after the 38-0 shellacking of the Atlanta Falcons, Newton's teammates joined and dabbed with him.

There was one exception though. While most of the Panthers rounded up together for the dabbing photo op, tight end Greg Olsen didn't join in. He sticks out like a sore thumb, looking as stoic as ever behind a sea of jubilant Panthers.

But despite Olsen looking like a wet blanket, he made up for it when he went back home and showed NFL fans that while he doesn't dab himself, his son is pretty good at it. Although, does it sound like Olsen said dash in the video? He may just be showing his age since he corrected himself in the tweet. At least he didn't call it bapping.

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