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LeBron James has heard of no entity, person or spiritual force other than Nike™

"I only know Nike. That's it. Lifetime"

(The fun starts at 4:41.)

In his postgame press conference after Tuesday's 89-77 victory over the Boston Celtics, LeBron James was asked a question about Under Armour.

"Under Armour," began a reporter, "recently released a-"

"Who?" James interrupted. "Who?"

"Under Armour ..." the reporter continued.

"Who's that?" asked James.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he continued. "Who? The other guys. Yeah. I don't know what Under Armour is."

A second reporter tried a new question. "Paul and Kevin," he said, before James interrupted again.

"Who?" asked James.

"Paul and Kevin," said the reporter. You know: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, notable players on the professional basketball team that LeBron James just defeated in an athletic endeavor.

"Oh," said James with a smile. "See, y'all got me off kilter. I only know Nike. That's it. Lifetime."

He then went on to answer the question, saying that Pierce and Garnett will have a chapter in the book he writes someday.

(via r/NBA)

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