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Paparazzi forced Justin Bieber to be baptized in Tyson Chandler's bathtub

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Justin Bieber's story of self-reflection and personal redemption took an interesting turn -- right into Tyson Chandler's bathtub. A GQ article set to run in the January 2016 issue details how difficult it was for Bieber to be baptized because of ceaseless paparazzi in New York.

Bieber became a member of Hillsong in 2014, an international megachurch frequented by celebrities. Bieber began living with Pastor Carl Lentz while trying to get back on track, eventually asking to be baptized. After realizing that hotel pools would be teeming with photographers it was fellow Hillsong member (and then Knicks center) Tyson Chandler who came to the rescue -- offering his pool, but they found out it was closed.

With options limited there was one place left for Justin Bieber to be submerged -- Chandler's bathtub. It's wholly likely that Chandler's tub is a lot larger than the average tub. After all, he's an NBA star and 7'1 to boot, the perfect-sized body of water to dunk a small Canadian singer.

The next time you see Chandler on the court think about that bathtub in New York. It's a tub that's seen some stuff.

(h/t Complex)