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Utah punter calls BYU 'bastards,' further escalates Holy War

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Utah punter Tom Hackett is one of college football's most interesting men. It's been a busy year for him between losing his prize Subaru "Basil" and telling the world "deep down he's fat" after winning the Ray Guy award. Now he's ready to stir up even more trouble ahead of the Sin City Holy War.

Lets make something super clear here, because people will get worked up about it: The term "bastard" in Australia is a lot softer and more jokey than it tends to be in the USA. While it can be used angrily, it's also the kind of term you endearingly use towards your friends -- "Did you hear Bill won $200 on a scratch lottery ticket? The bastard." Or "Those bastards at the post office took too long to sell me stamps."

So, in short ... don't stress too much.