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Fan spent 400 hours and used 175,000 lights for his Seahawks Christmas display

There is showing your team spirit, then there is attaching 175,000 Christmas lights to your house which includes a giant Seahawks logo on the roof. That's exactly what Anthony Mish did and you can probably see the result from space.

Oh, and it's not just lights. Don't underestimate it. The lights are also synced up to music for a dazzling display.

If you're wondering what it costs to build out a 175,000-light sports-themed display, the answer is north of $30,000 according to the GoFundMe related to the "Hawkhouse" display. There is even music specifically made just for the house.

While the house attracts a lot of eager visitors ready to see the 175,000 lights in action, it turns out it's not great living in the same neighborhood. Some neighbors have complained about the show and Mish was working with city officials to "tone it down" according to ABC News.

If you're considering creating your own sports-themed display, you'll only need hundreds of thousands of lights and about 400 hours to put it all up.