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20 years ago this week, a baby-faced, turtleneck-wearing Ichiro Suzuki met Michael Jordan

1. Holy crap, it's been that long? For people who were born in or lived through the '90s, a meeting like this feels like yesterday. But the time sinks in when you compare how Suzuki and Jordan look in this video to today.

Ichiro Suzuki

Michael Jordan

It's not that time has been unkind to either of these men. Time did its job the way we expect it to. We saw more of them when they were younger, the images of their youth are forever embedded in our minds -- except for Jordan, who will also have to endure being the crying meme for future generations.

I just wanted to sink in that we are getting old. It probably doesn't help that this meeting took place during Christmas week, a time when sentimentality gets turned up to 11. Cue the Charlie Brown Christmas music.

2. Ichiro Suzuki is incredibly adorable in this video. The way he's star struck by seeing Michael Jordan is delightful. By this time, Suzuki is 22 years old, he's made a name for himself in Japanese baseball by getting a hit off famed pitcher Hideo Nomo, and he's touring America, still considering playing for an American team (it wouldn't happen until he joined the Mariners in 2001.) In America, he's still a young tourist, and though he has a reputation and was given the chance to meet Michael Jordan at his prime, he still feels humble throughout the whole meeting, and probably pleased that Jordan noticed his outfit. (Ichiro was wearing Air Jordan VI "Carmine" shoes, according to Sneaker News.)

3. Speaking of his outfit, LOOK AT THAT TOM & JERRY TURTLENECK.

4. Ichiro Suzuki probably still has this placard Jordan signed.

And why wouldn't he? It's possible that, as both of these guys got older and became Hall of Famers in their respective sports, they met each other plenty of times. But at that moment, you knew Suzuki cared a lot about meeting Michael Jordan. You don't need to speak Japanese to know how Suzuki felt after that meeting. Words escaped him, and his smile said it all.

5. During the video, Jordan asked if Suzuki was a pitcher. At the time, he was a hitter. But in October 2015, he finally got to pitch, and it was great:

* * *

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