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The Giants' Matt Duffy's extremely large cat may or may not be alive today

"Dad just told Skeeter he would rip his tail off if he eats any bows."

San Francisco Giants third baseman Matt Duffy has an extremely large cat.


A photo posted by Matt Duffy (@mm_duffy) on

He is really, truly, fantastically large.


Like really, really, a lot.

Yes, this is the family cat. No, it's not photoshopped

A photo posted by Matt Duffy (@mm_duffy) on

Lately, the large cat in question -- who is named Skeeter -- has been getting into the holiday spirit.

Skeeter -- or possibly his owner who, again, is a professional baseball player -- maintains accounts on both Instagram and Twitter. ("I thought it was called Animal Style... so why won't mm_duffy share his In N Out with me?")

On Thursday night -- known as Christmas Eve to those familiar with the Gregorian calendar or even able to read a little bit -- Matt Duffy posted an alarming update about Skeeter's holiday celebrations.

As Christmas morning dawned, there was no word about poor, be-bowed Skeeter. SB Nation reached out to the Duffy camp about Skeeter's well being and/or bow consumption.

Matt Duffy confirmed: Skeeter survived the night, and would be enjoying some celebratory bacon.

A Christmas miracle, indeed.