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Rick Pitino denies giving Kentucky fans the finger, but he TOTALLY gave them the finger

Everyone is in a tizzy after footage emerged of Rick Pitino allegedly flipping off Kentucky fans following Louisville's loss on Saturday. Pitino vehemently denies the gesture, but the explanation he gave ESPN is pretty weak.

Pitino told via text message, "No I didn't flip off the fans. I was in the tunnel. People were yelling ugly crude things that I didn't like. The 1-8 comment [Pitino's record against Kentucky coach John Calipari] was fine. But the other comments I didn't like.'' Asked whether he gestured in any way toward the crowd, Pitino said, "My recollection was a, 'we r #1.'"

Here's the deal: Flipping off Kentucky fans would be totally justifiable -- especially if they were yelling crude things at you. That said, the likelihood Pitino was giving a "We are No.1" gesture is close to zero.

The video is difficult to see, given Pitino's hand against the brick wall, but we've enhanced the image. It looks a LOT like a middle finger.


Perhaps Pitino makes the "No.1" gesture with his middle finger. That's the only way to explain this, because he absolutely didn't put up his index finger.

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