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No, Don Shula and his family didn't dab to celebrate the Panthers' undefeated season coming to an end

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It seems that everyone is dabbing to make fun of the Carolina Panthers now that they lost to the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons did it on the field and got revenge for the atrocious game a few weeks back that saw all of the Panthers dabbing (except Greg Olsen).

Even Don Shula and his entire family dabbed, but they dabbed for a different reason. They didn't dab in celebration of the 1972 Miami Dolphins still being the only perfect team in the history of the NFL. They tweeted this out in support of the Carolina Panthers since their tweet was posted in the third quarter of a very close game.

It should be noted that Don Shula's son, Mike, is the offensive coordinator for the Panthers so it's unlikely that Don would be making fun of his son, even before they actually lost a game. The Dolphins' perfect season remains intact, and the Carolina Panthers will still be all right.