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The Ravens reminded Steelers superfan Snoop Dogg that he once rode for the Ravens

No one expected the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. After all, Baltimore has one of the worst records in the league thanks to some crucial injuries. But they still pulled out a 20-17 win against the 9-6 Steelers.

This resulted in some pretty angry Steelers fans, including Snoop Dogg. To voice his frustration, Snoop went on Twitter to voice his displeasure towards the Ravens with a little bit of sign language.

The Ravens saw this tweet and immediately responded with the most fire comeback. Apparently Snoop, being the avid sports fan, once visited the Ravens when Ray Lewis was still playing, as evident by that photo.

Trips to team facilities only last a few hours but photographic evidence will last a lifetime. Posting said evidence on social media is the best way to counter some trash talk. The fact that Snoop opted to wear gear of his divisional rival makes the burn so much more effective.

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