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Pau Gasol says deep dish pizza is 'a cake of melted cheese'

What is it like to be Pau Gasol? GQ Magazine's Alex Wong spoke with Pau Gasol and the both of them talked about his life and career with respect to basketball, and Kobe's upcoming retirement. What stuck out, however, were Gasol's thoughts on food. Gasol has been "adventurous" when it comes to trying new food -- he's had food in South Africa that he couldn't figure out if it was lamb brains or pig intestines, and he "just ate it because [he] was hungry." And as a former Memphis Grizzlies player, he's also no stranger to classic American foods like barbecue ribs.

But then he dropped a bombshell on Chicago's deep dish pizza:

Wong: What about Chicago-style deep dish pizza?

Gasol: I’ve tried it. I’m not a fan of this deep dish pizza. To me, it’s just a cake of melted cheese. I like the thin-crusted pizzas better.

Excuse me while I drop the appropriate reaction:

Look, I get it. Deep dish pizza isn't for everyone. Gasol's right about it being a cake of melted cheese, but that's probably the best part of a deep dish pizza. Is that really a bad thing? I'll take some wild guesses as to why Gasol thinks that's a bad thing:

1. A thick layer of cheese can be unwieldy to eat.

2. There's also the dough, which can also be unwieldy to eat.

3. A combination of a ton of cheese, tomato sauce, bread and various fillings is definitely unhealthy for a person. Health concerns regarding deep dish pizza is probably the most accurate guess, but Gasol loves barbecue ribs, which can be just as unhealthy, so I'm dubious again.

4. ... okay I don't have a fourth guess, I'm just really sad. I thought I knew you, Pau. Deep dish pizzas can be made in a heart shape, but Gasol would probably tear it in two like a broken heart and throw both pieces in the trash. Excuse me while I go cry for a bit.